A rogue's prayer to Sehanine Moonbow - Ricco Brias

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A rogue's prayer to Sehanine Moonbow - Ricco Brias

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Ricco met an elven she-elf cleric in the Adventuring quarter who introduced herself as Eli. After spending time conversing with her, Ricco realized that he was worried she might die if she were to accompany him and a few others to the sewers beneath the city of Splendors.

Ricco got onto a stagecoach and traveled to the Virgin's Square north of the Adventurer's Quarter. Upon an uneventful arrival, Ricco stepped off of the stagecoach, popped his collar, and proceeded northwest to the Temple of the Seldarine. Ricco reached into one of his pockets and fingered the golden tradebars, counting them before he entered the temple.
Once inside, Ricco looked left and right at the two elven statues at the entrance, wondering if humans were even allowed inside. Ricco walked through all the shrines, wondering which one was the correct one. He quickly discerned that the smybols at the foot of each altar were likely to be a dead give-away to which deity was the one he was visiting. Ricco walked over the the shrine at thesnorth-east of the temple and walked inside. Once inside, he looked around and saw pictures of an elven maiden amidst the moon, as well as a symbol of a moon and a half arc. Ricco reached into his pocket and pulled out a tradebar, he gripped it in his hands and thought quietly to himself.

Ricco walked up to the altar and looked up to begin his prayer:

"Dear..." Ricco paused a moment, and reached into one of the pockets of his armor to pull out a small paper that he unfurled, which he quickly read. "Sehanine Moonbow," Ricco continued as he crumpled the paper up and shoved it back into a pocket. "I know my ears are probably way too round to be asking anything from you, but I'm actually here to ask for something on behalf on one of your followers. You see, I met this she-elf cleric in white with strange shoes who wore all white. She seemed pretty light-hearted, which is really rare in Amnian women, who usually scold you for everything and end up throwing: sandals, dishes, pottery, kitchen knives, soap, spoons, forks, hammers, and all sorts of things when they get upset, which is pretty often. But the point is, she seemed a lot nicer than that, so I took a liking to her. Victoria and the tall peliroja woman both seemed upset that I wanted to go talk with her instead of going to kill goblins and unlock chests, but I think they'll find that she'll save us more gold in the end. But anyways, I realized that a lot of adventurers here die... a lot..... So, I was worried that if she died, she might be dead for good, and, since she mentioned you as her deity... I was wondering if I could ask for you to bring her back if I brought her here. I'll pay for it of course."
As Ricco explained his interactions with the elven she-elf cleric Eli, he eventually sat down next to the shrine and began talking to it, much like one would expect from a confessional interaction at a much more lawful religious establishment. Ricco took out one of his golden tradebars and set it on the altar.
"I don't have any silver to offer yet, but I'll get it as soon as I can. I can give this tradebar for now, I hope it's enough, in case the worst happens."

With that done, Ricco turned and walked out of the temple.
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