Ao's Orphans

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Ao's Orphans

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Monks and priests of all manner of faiths, both benign and wicked, would come to Ao's orphanage to make devotees out of troubled minds. And although other orphans may have found adoptees, half-orcs tended to be chosen last. At the orphanage Akkad and Kadesh wore their shame as a bond, in their troubled childhoods they were close friends. But slowly their personalities grew apart and when a Priest of the Red Knight walked into the orphanage and chose Kadesh over him because of his 'divine gift'.. Akkad grew furious. Kadesh had found salvation through a diety, the gift of the weave, and Akkad had nothing.

After Kadesh left, Akkad was alone for a year, then on the streets of Baldur's Gate, as Akkad was hauling fish back to his orphanage he bumped into a Selunite Paladin and dropped his baskets of fish. The man was adorned in fullplate and a silver helm. He looked at the fish and then to Akkad and spoke in the orcen tongue..

"Would you drop your shield in a fight as well?"

"I fight with my fists." Akkad responded..

The Paladin laughed and reached into his pocket and handed him a tradebar. "You should find yourself some better equipment"
That was the last time Akkad would return to Ao's orphanage..

Had it now been a decade? Akkad wondered to himself. The door to the Safehaven Inn opened and shut, Akkad looked up from his seat. Another half-orc approached. It was Kadesh, now an Acolyte of the Red Knight.. he walked up to Akkad's table and then spoke bluntly.

Kadesh: Why have you brought me to this place of sin?
Akkad: You mean the tavern? It's where humankin meet, you know? **smiling at Kadesh**
Kadesh: **visibly frustrated while taking a seat** What is it you wish to know?
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