Blood Moon Tonight!

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Blood Moon Tonight!

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During harvesting season, once a year we are given the rare sight of the onset of a full blood moon. The moon takes a red tint. It's harvesting time for our outlighing rural communities. Superstitious farmers and countryfolk scare easy and tend to stay indoors at night, expecting bad luck to befall them if caught in the moonlight. We in Waterdeep gather outside and behold this glorious site, and do so in revelry.

The Jade Jug is hosting a harvest moon gala. Individuals are expected to wear costumes and masks. A dress code will be enforced. The Dripping Dagger is having half off on it's red lager ale. Durnan owner of the Yawning Portal is hosting a competition requiring brave adventurers who descend into Undermountain, to bring back the largest ruby from it's depths. The winner will win something 'magical'. We at the Trumpet encourage you to go out and enjoy this once a year event......

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Four headless victims were found in Red Larch last eve. All were travelers north of the small village. Caution is advised for individuals traveling in those parts.
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