Moonshae Isles Releases

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Moonshae Isles Releases

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We have been hard at work trying to whip the isles into shape. This thread will contain information about updates and new content. For our first update ill back fill information on our last three updates!

Bugbear - v1.2

Lots of new updates:
  • Kingsbay lots of additions and new shops El Grillo has been hard at work bringing the place to life!
  • O'Malley additions and updated hunting statics curtesy of Zeta!
  • Herbs are in make sure to get your two points of lore worth you wont regret it!
  • Buried treasure/bandit caches are in! If you can find them :)
  • Bandits ambushes are back on the road! Watch your step if your traveling with laden pockets!
  • New minor quests to get you aquainted with the island courtesy of El Grillo!
  • Lore triggers added to all the cantrevs for those with an eye for history
  • Rebalancing of loot note bosses #1 and #2 feedback makes the world go round!
Aboleth - v1.1

Lots of new updates:
  • Bat caves are in! Get yourself a dozen wings!
  • Sleeping changes are in! No more of this sleeping sitting down crap, and a better room will make a difference.
  • New towns! Senor T and Zeta have been hard at work getting the cantrevs just right!
  • New villager system! Because some times you need to visit the market or fetch a pail of water.
  • Fish monger is in! Turn those fish in for xp and coin ... or try your luck frying them up never know what the bottom feeders may have eaten.
  • Spider webs are in (spider cave still wip but should be in soon.) Remember to *use* a torch its dark down there.
  • Moonwell Druids updated! The high druid wont be so quick to leave any more.
  • Caer Korat populated!
First Release - v1.0

Lots of new updates:
  • Working dockable ships! Once they are in port come aboard!
  • Xvart Farm Raids are up and running! How much corn can you save? The farmers will remember.
  • Bandit Camps are in! Bring a lot of friends with sharp eyes and sharper blades!
  • Fishing is in! And the mongers can smell how good of an angler you are!
  • Massive land creation push so many new areas!
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