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A somber halfling sits on the docks as the sun sets over the Trackless Sea. The halfling squints his eyes at the westward horizon. He tucks a few strands of hair behind his left ear to counter the wind, its top half missing. The caravel was now three days late, and this was beginning to worry the halfing. Had something happened at sea? Had Cordell's cargo from Mazteca been siezed by pirates? Did some benthic behemoth bring down the Amnian ship?

The halfling looked back at Caftenor, a small but bustling island trading port, mostly inhabited by other halflings. It was actually a wonderful place. Yes, at times, one did feel the island fever, but for now it was the safest place for the halfling to be. The hin picked up a oversized triple hooked lure left haphazardly upon a dock by some unconcerned fisherhin. He examined it carefully. Wouldn't want to step on that. He tossed it out into the water, and turned towards the town. There was a sharp plop as the lure hit the water's surface and then sunk beneath its murky depths.

With an annoyed sigh the halfling walked up the shoreline towards the seaside town, then down an alleyway and into small warehouse, locking the door behind him. He passed by the shadows and shelves. Although most of the boxes in the little warehouse were empty, the room still smelt strongly of herbs. The halfling then went to his office in the back of the warehouse. There he had his table, a candlebra for reading, which he carefully lit.. and what was this? A letter was sitting on his desk. Tomi, one of the company's distributors must have left it there for him.

To: Pippin Tradeberry, Caftenor, Neaptide Street, Building 9
From: J'tel Cordell, Waterdeep, Adventurer's Quarter, Madam Garah's House

"Dear Pippin,

I hope you find my family's accomodations fitting. We have a major problem in expanding imports to Waterdeep. Problems that go beyond rat tailed pickpockets, Shadow Thieves, and even the Xanathar. I really don't have enough information for you at this moment. Are you still in touch with your crew from Candlekeep? Once La Nina arrives, just hold the goods. I'll meet you at Caftenor in a tenday and we'll discuss an alternate plan.


J'tel Cordell"

The halfling rolled his eyes. Once La Nina arrives, she's three days late, already. And what the hell was going on in Waterdeep?
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