Letters sent in Red

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Letters sent in Red

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*Delivered to the desk of Vana Swift inside the Adventurer's Guild and slipped beneath the door of the Lhuvendhead Trading Company door in Virgin Square, letters arrive by way of children cloaked in red robes bearing the symbol of the Red Knight.*

The House of Heroes
Eleint 30th, 1400 Dale Reckoning, the Year of Lost Ships

To whom it may concern,

It has come to my attention that during the early days of Eleasis, 1400 Dale Recking, The Year of Lost Ships, members of the Lhuvenhead Trading Company encountered violent plants and what appeared to be zombie bears within the Westwood. Their investigation lead them to what was described to me as a male man sized Half-Fiend with red flesh and black horns who attacked them on sight. I am told the fight was violent but brief battle in which the Half Fiend appeared to be armed, armored, and wield magic. After the battle it was discovered the Half Fiend had in it's possession a black acorn which exploded before the members of Lhuevenhead Trading Company could closely examine it.

During a march along the road through the Westwood on Eleint 22nd, 1400 Dale Reckoning, The Year of Lost Ships, members of the House of Heroes encountered a band of Kobolds in the company of a Black Wyrmling, as well as a band of Lizardmen carrying Black Dragon Egg fragments who appeared to be in pursuit of the Kobolds and Black Wyrmling. The Kobolds, Black Wyrmling, and Lizardmen were all slain. The House of Heroes is in possession of the Black Dragon Egg fragments. It was immediately after the these two encounters the sun set and members of the House of Heroes smelt a foul rot on wind coming from deeper within the wood, north of the road. Upon investigation of the source of the smell red eyed zombie bears were encountered as well as shambling mounds and a musk creeper tree. The House of Heroes patrol then withdrew from the Westwood to report it's findings.

I write this to inform you that the House of Heroes recognizes the Elves of the Westwood as valuable allies in the region to be supported, and I invite you to bring any information you have in regards to the Black Dragon sightings and Rot of the Westwoods to me so it maybe properly recorded, examined, and disseminated.

Pawn Xandos Klaxxan of the House of Heroes
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