ARENA: Are You Not Entertained?! (Questions)

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Re: ARENA: Are You Not Entertained?! (Questions)

Post by Asturonethoriusaline »

How, where, what time do we go to watch??
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Re: ARENA: Are You Not Entertained?! (Questions)

Post by jmecha »

I want to organize another FIELD OF TRIUMPH! event for early October.

Teams of 4 or 5 competing against eachother to not only claim the Belt of Champions, but also for a large purse of gold!

Teams will face eachother for ranking until the two best teams face eachother to determine the victor!

No magical weapons, armor, Items or Potions allowed on the Field but Spell casters can make use of spells prepared on the field.

I am posting this now so folks have the time to organize their teams in advance and we can get a roster started.

Pawn Xandos Klaxxan will not be competing this time around, although I hope the other members of Team Red do field a team.

If any other players are interested in helpping me organize this next event or if a player wants to facilitate betting on the event and the teams in contest, let me know.

Any suggestions anybof you may have feel free to post them here or reach out to me on Discord.

Just to be clear, my goal here is to try and organize an inclusive, rewarding, and fun player event that should require little or no effort from the DMs.
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