Stepping down

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Stepping down

Post by Stormbringer »

As of last night I am stepping down from DMing.. Not for good but a break as I wanted to pursue a PC idea I have. So I may be back in the future to torture main and kill your PC's with Moral choices ;)

Thanks to all for the storylines you have created.. Keep up the awesome RP and see you in game!
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Re: Stepping down

Post by Electryc »

It was great having you as a co-dm. You helped out so much and put a lot of time helping PC's. You will be missed.
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Re: Stepping down

Post by Peter_Abelard »

Thanks so much, Storm! I’m looking forward to meeting your new guy now that you’re on this side of the DM Curtain of Evil.

Just wanted to add on a big thank you to the whole DM team as the Plague Rat campaign wraps up, too. It was fantastic! Thanks for rocking it, folks.
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Re: Stepping down

Post by Cleasor »

Thanks for taking up the wand, Storm! You did great and we appreciate your time and effort.
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Re: Stepping down

Post by ImStrokerAce »

Kudos for picking up the wand Storm! now enjoy your rest.
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Re: Stepping down

Post by Ethbaal »

Hard to miss Storm's new walking rainbow. Welcome to back to morgueville.
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