Report Made to Watch Wizard Sarya

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Report Made to Watch Wizard Sarya

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Watch Wizard Sarya looks up from her reports as several members of the Guild enter the Watch post.
"Dorian, What do we owe the pleasure?", she asks.
"There has been a Murder in the Guild." he replies back.
She continues to work on the report and asks, "When did this ..." she looks up at him, "What do you mean a murder?"
"Sometime this morning." Dorian replies.
She stands slowly,"Sometime THIS Morning! Its nearly Highsun and yer just now reporting it!" , she barks at him.
Her face glows red with anger as she awaits a reply.
"I was just informed!" , he replies.
"What kinda Guild you running there Dorian! Make sure the body is undisturbed and all evidence is still where it lays!" she yells at him.
Dorian drops his head a little. "The body was moved to our morgue."
Sarya's mouth opens and closes and stares at him with a look of shock. "What do you mean the body has been moved!" , she glares at him.
"Never mind!", she interjects before he can answer. "I'll send someone over to collect the body and any evidence. This is a serious thing Dorian, tampering with a murder scene! Now go! Someone will be along shortly!"
She watches them file out in disbelief.

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