Waterdeep - original (ALFA1) trailer video

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Waterdeep - original (ALFA1) trailer video

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I found this video buried on a hard driver - it's a trailer for Waterdeep, made by HDM Xerxes I'm guessing in around 2005 (could be wrong):

I loved that trailer (I must have been about 15 years old) and it is one of the things that convinced me to apply to ALFA back in the day.

The original audio was ridiculously compressed so I took a moment to get a high quality version of the soundtrack and replace the audio. The soundtrack is 'Overture And A Prisoner Of The Crusades (From Chains To Freedom)' by Michael Kamen, track #1 from the Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves soundtrack.

Who would have thought it: the City of Splendors, still going strong after 15 years... :D
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Re: Waterdeep - original (ALFA1) trailer video

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Re: Waterdeep - original (ALFA1) trailer video

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