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Warrens Exposé - "The Pit of Perversion"

Years ago, when it was revealed that there was a hidden gang of gnomes lurking beneath the city in a dank gutter they call "The Warrens", completely out of reach of any laws and standards that make Waterdeep "The City of Splendors", many of our fellow citizens were extremely concerned. Well, thanks once again to the expert investigative skills of the Sword Coast's most dependable news source, The Daily Trumpet has now confirmed that those concerns were not at all unfounded.    

Sources have revealed that this shady underground hideout for the most deplorable smallfolk in all of Waterdeep is in fact a den of sin and depravity of the worst kind. Under the half-hearted guise of an ordinary leather shop the halfling named Ruby Dee, a known sexual deviant and heavyset harlot, is running a clandestine operation of unimaginable horror. The plus-sized plunderer of all things decent lures the city's elite down to her den of degradation and forces them to perform the most humiliating and heinous acts while she laughs and tortures them. Respected nobles and wealthy businessmen have lost fortunes after repeatedly being charmed into the clutches of this voluminous villain. Sometimes even several times in a day! There is no limit to the moral vacancy of this corpulent concubine.

Naturally, when stories of sexual misconduct come to surface, Waterdeep's infamous sordid sorceress can't be too far away. Not surprisingly, this "leather shop" has revealed itself to be another shell business Keryn Tel'jorn of the Lhuvenhead Trading Company. Apparently her own private orgies were not enough, and now she's sunk her greedy opportunistic claws into turning a few  dragons by humiliating the City's finest citizens. Reports have also confirmed that the squabby strumpet, Ruby Dee, is also close friends with the LTC's own sticky-fingered thug, Caliope.
City officials, patriarchs of noble houses, and merchant guild officers have all been contacting Ruby to share their outrage via her "Discreet Appointments Contact". Hopefully they can soon put an end to this depravity.

*Fiddlesbee Freemoth is a veteran reporter for the Trumpet, a five time winner of the "Beacon of Truth" award. He enjoys spending time with his friends and helping out at animal shelters when not putting his life in danger alerting Waterdeep of corrupt organizations and other injustices ingrained in Waterdeep society.
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