Mod 6.0 Bug Reports

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Re: Mod 6.0 Bug Reports

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The following is a list of observations that I've come across throughout my time playing a druid in WD. It includes some issues of spells that are not working as intended and some guesses as to why that might be. Also, I included some features that exist in both NWN EE and D&D 3.5 SRD, but are not listed the same. I know Stoneskin was modified to match SRD instead of NWN, so these additional items could be considered to follow suit.


-Magic Fang/Greater Magic Fang - ALFA modified spell no longer works on any creatures (animal companions, summoned creatures, AE dominated or bridled creates, etc.) presumably because the spell was modified when ALFA used the equipable "claws" and "bite" items on creatures, and the spell was meant to target that. Reverting to the original NWN spell may fix it.
-Camouflage - Duration says 10 Turns/level. It does not last that long.
-Calm Animals - Doesn't say "RP only" in description, but does not appear to have any in-game effect on animals.
-Awaken does not work at all. The NWN spell is designed to work only on the NWN animal companions. It does not recognize ALFA's modified animal companions as qualifying creatures. However, the 3.5 SRD Awaken works on *all* plants and animals, so a modified spell that works on any of the druid's creatures would be in line with canon.

NWN vs. 3.5 SRD

Possible Changes to Druid Spell List - It is said that Stoneskin was moved from 4th level to 5th level due to SRD. The following are additional existing spells in NWN EE that are either not on the druid spell list but included on the 3.5 SRD druid spell list, or they occur at a different spell level than the 3.5 SRD druid spell list. 

-2nd Level - Endurance, Cat's Grace, and Owl's Wisdom are not NWN Druid Spells but are 3.5 SRD Druid Spells
-4th Level - Ice Storm is a 4th level spell in 3.5 SRD but 5th level in NWN. This is an opposite but identical issue as the Stoneskin modification.
-I don't know the NWN/ALFA druid spell lists for 6+ so I can update as I learn them.

-Skills - 3.5 SRD Druids have Listen and Spot as class skills, NWN Druids do not.

I'm not complaining or demanding that anyone rebuild the ALFA druid from the ground up. This is just a complete list of data so we have it. If some spells can get fixed because of it, all the better.
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Re: Mod 6.0 Bug Reports

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Call lightning should be 3d6 max damage by srd rather than nwn d6/level.
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Re: Mod 6.0 Bug Reports

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