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Re: Adventurer's Guild Information for members

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***A notice written in perfect fine flowing script, placed on Vana's desk facing the entry doorway so that all can see***

It has been brought to my attention that many of you are of the opinion that the Guild is in complete chaos and that there is little being done to organize our troupe. So I felt the need to enlighten the Guild on those things that have been put forth…

For a year these halls were empty except for an occasional pass through by older members that have long forgotten their oath to the guild. There is always an ebb and flow to the membership of organizations such as this. Fortunes smiled upon us in the past few months and The Guild saw a resurgence of members. New blood, new faces, from all over Faerun. With new members, I began vetting those who would make good stewards of our house and in this I take care. I do not find speed and quick judgement as favorable traits for this task.

Since this new surge of members, we have welcomed in 34 new members in the past few months. Many flow out as fast as they flow in. Of our senior positions, 4 of 5 has been filled. Though sadly we lost one of those, Maddy, to the plague rats. Not to mentions other members. However, let us look at each position in detail for clarity:

Blademaster - was offered to Xandos the Red Pawn. Rejected. He spoke that his order or his God did not wish it and had other plans. However, though he would not admit it, the true reason was the ineptitude in which we work as a cohesive unit. To this, I take full responsibility.

Elyas was then asked to fill the role, but at the same time this was asked, he was tendering his resignation from the Guild over the guilt of allowing Vana to be kidnapped. This offer was rescinded.

The position still sits void.

Spymaster – the position was filled by one of the best of us. As we all know, Maddy fell. The position was offered to Birdsong who at the time did not feel competent to the task. Thus… position sits void.

Loremaster – Master Wyk has graciously filled the position and gives sound council for the Guild.

Assistant Guildmaster – Gael Lynch has been named and accepted.

As to the bickering of those at the apprentice level, that wish to become journeyman but have yet to receive it. I have asked on 5 different occasions for recommendations for those who were ready for this responsibility. Of those, only one have I rejected. Perhaps, if our members spent as much time working on their skills, tactics, and how to be a cohesive unit as they do bickering over the position and organization of the Guild, their would be far more promotions.

However, I have heard the complaints and more than willing to adjust to ever changing moral and temperaments in our ranks. Acting immediately, I am turning over day to day operations of the Guild to Gael Lynch. I have full and utmost faith in his abilities. I will continue as Guild Master and dealing with the politics of running the Guild. If you desire that to be changed, all one must do is convince a senior member to call for a vote, and thus, vote the change into place.

Lastly, the process for promotion to full member can be tedious. This is for a reason. Those members to fickle to see things through are not the ones desired to have your back during the trials of battle or the frequent adversity that befalls these halls. I will not call to name, but you know who you are. You did just as I expected. You were weighed, you were measured, and you were found wanting… At least you are constant in that.

If any would like further discussion, in a group or one on one, I am here. My door is open.

The Guild Master
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