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ACR Update

Postby Zelknolf » Sat Jan 31, 2015 9:46 pm

An ACR update rolling out today-- there should be another smaller update coming out soon, which I'll append the notes of to this post.

  • Infestations got some updates...
    • Infestations now regard all members of an area which are hostile to the PCs in the area to be "part" of the infestation, and will wait for them to be slain before reducing the tier of the infested area.
    • Infested areas which do not contain any group spawns may now be degraded or cleared by killing every hostile creature inside.
    • You can no longer remove a tier of creatures from an infestation if there are infested areas using that tier.
  • Defense Quests have been updated...
    • Friendly creatures which enter a defense quest trigger area will count as a character holding the ground, and the quest cannot be failed until they die or leave.
    • Whenever a PC starts or joins a defense quest, the text "defend this ground" will appear in the notifications area
  • The following spells had their code updates to fire useful events on their target objects, to enable the repair of the Silverymoon University quests...
    • Grease
    • Color Spray
    • Identify
  • Swimming got some updates...
    • Leaving water actually resets your breath holding counter, instead of waiting for you to swim in water with air overhead to recover.
    • Water now actually applies combat penalties based on equipped weapons.
    • Swim checks now apply again, regardless of the contents of the swimmer's hands
  • Server-to-server portals now have a cooldown of 1 hour (60 real-life minutes)
  • zSpawn no longer corrupts the spawn when body hair color of a double-digit index is used. Old corrupted zSpawn bags are still going to be corrupted, but new ones should be much more reliable.
  • acr_cs_skillcheck now calls into acr_skills_i (this will have the effect of fixing skill synergy in a lot of static content)
  • Swim triggers now call the standard ACR trigger exit function after handling swimming
  • acr_hazards_i can now manage damage and fatigue for particularly-warm environments
  • Old debug text that was lingering in the NotifyPlayer function is now gone. Spam sent to the server window when PCs receive notifications is now gone.
  • gc_check_language is now available to be used in conversations to see if a PC speaks a certain language.
  • various portions of the ACR now regard, instead of, the source of truth.
  • #setcharges is available as a chat command for DMs, which will set the number of remaning charges left on an item to a number between 1 and 50. Out of range values will be rounded to their boundaries.

Extra Couple Things on Feb 1:
  • Burning Hands is now treated as an evocation (previously, it was treated as transmutation)
  • The Drow Cave placeables are now selectable as placeable appearances

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Re: ACR Update

Postby causk » Sat Jan 31, 2015 10:04 pm

nice, thanks for your work.

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Re: ACR Update

Postby HEEGZ » Sat Jan 31, 2015 11:22 pm


The new # commands are always exciting and see lots of use from me.

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Re: ACR Update

Postby Rumple C » Sun Feb 01, 2015 12:17 am

12.August.2015: Never forget.

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Re: ACR Update

Postby Ithildur » Sun Feb 01, 2015 1:29 am

Thanks! It'll be nice to see swim scripts working again
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Re: ACR Update

Postby Zelknolf » Sun Feb 01, 2015 3:26 pm

Couple extras, now that we have some autodownloader business sorted, added to the first post.

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