Return to the Gnoll Caves

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Return to the Gnoll Caves

Post by Ladellon »

Someone had to do it, eh. I was lucky to have ol’ Greasepaint along with me, so did a fair likeness of a fearsome-looking gnoll on the cliff wall and the magics did the rest. I became a stinking, snarling, red-tinted gnoll to all who looked upon me. The perfect disguise.

As I approached the band in front of the cave, one of their kind barked and charged at me, but I slobbered and spit enough right back in the brute’s face that he backed down, cowed. There was nothing for it after that, “Take me to leader!” I ordered. Thanks be to Corellon, Ashera had cast tongues on me or that would have ended things right then and there.

Oh, the smells once inside! The horrific odors, like a thousand putrid corpses lying in a thousand pools of piss and vomit. It was all I could do to keep from gagging as I pushed my way deeper into the cave, looking for the gnoll in charge.

After what seemed like an eternity stumbling through the foul stenches of that cavernous labyrinth, I came to a large cavern. And there he was there he was, a humongous and terrible beast the size of a small giant. Oh, and he was in no mood for discourse, let me tell you, buffeting gnolls about the head and tossing old bones at anything that moved.

Then he spotted me! What a ruckus that followed! He screeched, he snarled, he drooled, he hissed, he yelped, he sputtered. He even defecated right there in front of me and all his bestial followers. He was offensive, repulsive and quite malodorous and he charged right at me!

We had quite the row, right there, he and I. There was lots of hair pulling, arm pinching, neck choking and, well, from one of the two combatants anyway, a few sharp and biting verbal repartees. I put that disgusting behemoth in his rightful place, to be sure. He had no choice but to follow me outside to meet with our elven dignitary.

But right there at the mouth of the cave, the traitorous little stumblebum gave me the slip and dived back into the recesses of the caves whilst shouting out commands to his goons. I ran for the opening and was out in seconds, with scores of snarling beasties trailing behind me. They wanted blood!

And guess what they got? Blood. Lots of theirs, unfortunately for them.

But the worst part, the most repulsive part, the most objectionable part . . . I lost my ring! Somewhere in the scuffle with Junior Yeenoghu, it was torn from my finger and left behind in our march to the cave entrance. My beautiful ring. Gone, well, at least for now.

I propose we go there to get it back . . . and I am prepared to provide coin to lure the appropriate confederates on this spelunking excursion.
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