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ALFA Forum glitch

Postby Hialmar » Fri Jan 14, 2011 7:30 am

Recently a problem has appeared with the forum for some of our new members.

If, when you are on the board index you do not see the following forums:
- "ALFA / NWN / D&D Discussion" in "ALFA Geneal" (near the top) ;
- 03 The Silver Marches, 09 Moonshaes, 10 Baldur's Gate, IC Forum --
The Silver Marches, IC Forum -- Moonshaes, IC Forum -- Baldur's Gate
in "Live Server Forums" under "ALFA NWN2 SERVERS".

Then please PM me and I'll fix that for you.

I just need to remove you from the 'ALFA members' group and add you again.
I will investigate this issue but it seems a bit random...

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