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Toolset controls

Post by Aelred » Thu Aug 23, 2007 2:17 pm

The toolset controls are not at all instinctual and need to be practiced. For many this roadblock leads directly to toolset abandonment.

TIP: Practice/memorize the controls just a couple at a time. At the beginning you will need to come back to this list repeatedly to check. Print it out or write out a cheat sheet to keep by the computer. In no time you will get the hang of the controls and be saying the toolset isn't as hard as you thought.

TIP: You will see that some movements have more than one set of controls. Pick only the one that works best for you and stick with it.

Camera Controls

· Moving: Hold down Control + Left mouse button and drag
· Rotating: Hold down Control + Right mouse button and drag
· Rotating (alternative): Hold down Middle mouse button (or wheel) and drag
· Raising/lowering: Ctrl + Shift + Vertical Mouse Movement
· Zooming: Roll mouse wheel

Object Manipulation (Creatures, Placeables, Effects and Trees)

· Left click on an object to select it - "Select Objects" has to be highlighted on the toolbar

· Moving: Directional arrows (or Alt+Arrows)
· Rotating: Hold down Shift + Right mouse button and drag Note: You can't rotate trees!
· Rotating (precise): Control+Left/Right Arrow
· Raising/lowering: Hold down Alt + Left mouse button and drag
· Raising/lowering (precise): PageUp/PageDown or Shift + Mousewheel

· Esc - To get an object off your cursor - or Click "Select Objects" on the toolbar
· Space - To drop an object that has been raised back to the ground (to z-axis 0)
· "S" - Hold down "s" while placing an object to make it stack on top of another placeable
· “L” - To lock a placeable into an x-y position
· “Z” - To lock a placeable into a z position (height)
· CTRL - To hold a placeable in place without actually placing it and yet still move the camera around keep the CTRL held down

Interior Tile Placement
· Rotating: Left & Right arrow keys
· Rotating (alternative): Click right mouse button
· Switch between tile variants: Up/Down arrows
· Esc - To get a tile off your cursor - or Click "Tiles" on the toolbar

Terrain Tools
· Right-click toggles between Select Terrain and Paint Terrain

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