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Development of standard ALFA palettes (ABR)

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Post by ç i p h é r » Tue Mar 07, 2006 12:32 am

Every conversation has script hooks. There are script hooks for conditional text (only show text if...) and there are script hooks for performing an action on dialogue selections (run script X when option 1 is selected).

In this manner, you can create a template that builders can use which includes generic text for the dialogue portions. The words can be tailored to each NPC (if need be) but the desired outcome would be the same and handled via the attached scripts. With random dialogues appropriate to NPC groups, we would reduce the need to customize these templates.

It would be great if we could make the dialogue text itself customizable WITHOUT requiring a new conversation. This would require the use of dedicated tokens in conversations and a means to configure and load the text dynamically in some other way (local 2das loaded on startup?). This would totally eliminate the need to customize a conversation template and create multiple copies of essentially the same dialogue. It's a pain to have many of these in the module as it clutters the interface and bloats mod size but maybe the new toolset solves this problem for us. It may be more of a pain trying to abstract the dialogue text though, so in the end, there might not be a perfect answer to this.

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Post by Overfilled Cup » Tue Mar 07, 2006 12:37 am

So it is basically more in depth than the basic NPC stands around doing simple animations script. How would you plan the thieves pickpocket ?

Interesting concept for adding city ambience. A must have for any WD build.

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Post by indio » Tue Mar 07, 2006 1:23 am

1 conversation file.

The TAG of the NPC (Commoner, Thief, Beggar, Guard) is used to determine which node to begin dialogue with the PC.

Variables stored on the PC (and given the number of variables we are talking about, we must investigate this script: Flagsets v1.2 by Axe Murderer) ensure the next in a series of 5-10 dialogues of that type (guard, patron, thief etc...) takes place when the PC again clicks on a random NPC.

If we can associate the NPC tag with a convo node this will allow us to have 1 single conversation file for all generic NPCs, customisable for each server.

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