NWN2 Patch (and Storm of Zehir): Update Instructions

It is now time to update to the latest version of Neverwinter Nights 1.021.1549.  This patch allows servers to be joined by players who have installed the second expansion, "Storm of Zehir", or those who are still using just the "Mask of the Betrayer" expansion.  Please read the following instructions carefully.

  • Clear your override folder(s) of any content before running the autopatcher! Failure to do so may corrupt the patching process and force you to reinstall the game and start over.
  • Clear any third-party GUI mods from your /UI folders before running the autopatcher. See above for why.
  • Patch your MotB or SoZ install using the NWN2 updater. A reboot of your computer may be necessary as well.
  • Update your alfa_2da.hak to the latest version, 1.54.  This may be done by running the main ALFA Worldgate client, or by directly downloading and unpacking the file from this link.
  • Start looking for a copy of Storm of Zehir to pick up on sale or otherwise.  ALFA will be requiring the SoZ expansion starting sometime around the new year, so you have some time to plan ahead for it.

Please note, while both SoZ and MotB clients will be able to join ALFA's servers, the new content bundled with Storm of Zehir is not currently supported for Live play in ALFA.  So, while you may see Grey Orcs, Yuan-ti, Swashbucklers, and Fey/Infernal Heritage feats in character creation, these will not function properly in-game and should not be used.  They will most likely be fully supported once we transition to requiring Storm of Zehir.

Please report unexplained bugs or problems via IRC and/or the forums, and we will try to deal with problems as they arise as best we can.