A land far away—a magical term that gives rise to mental images of exotic lands and exciting adventures. A land far away—the setting of countless fairy-tales and myriad bed-time stories. A land far away—that special place that we all go to when we need to escape the pressures and vicissitudes of life.

Welcome to A Land Far Away, a persistent world where the vast, wondrous Dungeons & Dragons™ universe takes on a life all of its own. A place where like-minded role-players of all races, cultures and creeds gather to delight in the wonder and joy of a thousand shared imaginations. A place where the raconteur holds others spellbound; a place where every decision has consequences; a place where the games unfold before your eyes. But don't just take our word for it - see what the professional reviewers from the Neverwinter Vault thought about us here.

January Updates

New Host -- our central server has moved! If all is working, we should see more-spritely play as our database is now much closer to our game servers.

TA Election -- the one that our previous Lead Administrator missed in November ran, with Zelknolf confirmed for another term.

DM Events -- DMing has been picking up lately, with events coming into play from Adanu on Western Heartlands, Xanthea on Moonshaes, Shad0wfax on Baldur's Gate and Rumple C on Baldur's Gate while the going event from Zelknolf continues to run on Moonshaes.

Build -- Wynna has returned from a long hiatus, and has taken to repairing the static content in Silverymoon University. She announced a complete build just before this post's authoring, and we expect to see it on The Silver Marches soon.

December Updates

The foots. They're a.

Lead Administrator Election -- We have a new L.A. this month. HEEGZ will be taking up the post this term and on for the next six months.

ALFA1 Waterdeep -- Our NWN1 Waterdeep server has been started up again and runs as a campaign server.

Intro Quest Expansion -- Baldur's Gate's intro quest now takes you a little bit further, walking you from Beregost to Candlekeep, and teaching a little bit avoid avoiding threats on less-patrolled roads.

November Updates

Things still afoot this month!

Infestations -- mentioned last month are in play this month.

Story Quest -- Baldur's Gate has acquired a new quest chain which runs out of Ruqel. CR 3, and very large in scope-- requiring several hours (and probably breaks to rest and recover abilities) to complete. Players will need to complete the existing Westra chain to flag it.

Ship Battles -- Moonshaes is in the process of upgrading its mechanics for ship battles, allowing sailors to smoothly transition between being at sea, engaging a hostile ship at range, and boarding-- or being boarded-- by enemies on that ship. We expect it to be live within a week.

October Updates

Couple blurbs to talk about what's afoot this month:

DMA Election - Castano stood for the office again, and has been confirmed as the continuing DM Administrator. At the end of the vote of confidence, he's hinted at plans from the DMA to lure more participation to ALFA.

Infestations - our tech system to allow servers to declare regions to contain a (potentially-spreading) infestation of creatures, and thus causing all of the spawns in that region to be replaced with something else, continues significant progress and enters end user testing this month; it should be entering play soon.

Player Admin Self-Nominations, August 2014

If you would like to run for Player Administrator for the next six months please post your self-nominations. Please post your platforms (and question and answer posts) in a separate thread in this forum.

Moar ACR Updates

Few things rolling out today:

  • Quest triggers now record that a given trigger has already been tripped by a PC by saving that fact to the trigger instead of the PC. This means that...
    • You may now have multiple identically-named triggers with different variables and still have all of them operate on the same PC.
    • You may now "clean up/reset" a quest by deleting and recreating all of the quest triggers (see BG's *_patrol scripts for an example of this).
  • You may now add an integer variable named ACR_QST_FORCED_STATE to a quest trigger, and cause the activation of that trigger by PCs whose quest state is ACR_QST_LOWER_STATE to be set to precisely the forced state. As with the default behavior, if the PC's new quest state is greater than ACR_QST_UPPER_STATE, they will be given the XP defined in the journal. By default, quest triggers increment quest state by 1.
  • Shuriken now acquire Mighty (+10) as a temporary (non-price-adjusting) property when equipped. While this looks a bit hacky, this seems to be the only way to allow shuriken to benefit from the thrower's strength bonus, as is appropriate for thrown weapons.
  • ACR Spawn Points actually respect spawn types of 8 (traps) now.
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